This was one of my larger projects - it was taken right back to the bare wood by using an industrial sander. Once this was done the filling began to provide a good solid smooth base for the painting to start.

The painting was done in several stages. Firstly a coat of wood primer then two of undercoat. The first top coat was added using International Bumuda Cocktail No 4 hard wearing paint following with a light grade sand before applying the final coat of blue. This blue was originally used on Dartmouth fishing boats to represent that port as was yellow for Brixham and orange for Salcombe for so if a boat went missing people knew which colour boat they were looking for.

I created an accurate water line and the antifolwing began.

The finishing touches of the ports letters with the boats fishing number were added by Saunders Signs both at the bow and stern as well as the wheelhouse roof to finish a now well dressed boat.

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